Bunnyzine Vol 1 Issue 3 – Venus

Please note: This is a past issue. Pay-what-you-want funding is only donated for current issues. If you choose to buy this issue, you are supporting Bunnyzine and not the featured rescue for this issue.
Bunnyzine Issue 3 - Venus-1Bunnyzine brings in the new with Venus the Bunny!

This 34-page issue is biggest we’ve had.

It includes:
-a 4 page spread of pictures and an interview with our feature bunny: Venus the bunny
-a look at budgetbunny.ca
-two book reviews on The Forgotten Rabbit and Bah Humbun! A Bun Hatter Christmas
-an exploration through Bobby’s Bunny Boutique (what can I say? after finding it during the Christmas issue, I am in love with the shop)
– the heroic rescue of Aella and Rambo
-an interview with our featured rescue: Zooh Corner
-a 14 page memorial for a large collection of bunnies from Bunnyzine readers
-and Regarding The Secret Life Of Rabbits cartoon strip (the last panel of this one always makes me laugh out loud)

It’s all jam-packed into this super large edition and it is yours for whatever you want.  Even free!
Download today and share with your friends because Bunnyzine is all about you, the bunny community, as we take another edition to share our celebration of bunnies!

***This issue is pay-what-you-want.  It’s completely up to you what you would like to pay for it. You can even get it for free***

If you purchase this issue in the month of January, 2015, Bunnyzine will give the money from your purchase of this issue to Zooh Corner.  Your pay-what-you-want amount is a purchase for the issue. It is purchase-transaction and not a donation and, on this basis, I cannot offer a tax receipt. Bunnyzine will be making a 100% (minus service fees) donation from your purchase of this issue.

If you prefer to donate directly to Zooh Corner, you can find their donation button here: http://www.mybunny.org/


This is a digital PDF file.  Please ensure that you have software that reads PDFs before ordering.

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