Bunnyzine Vol 1 Issue 8 – Residents of Fairy Castle Farm

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We’re back! And we have a fantastic 32-page edition for you featuring the Residents of Fairy Castle Farm.
Meet Teegee, Angel, and Sweetie as they introduce you to some of their non-bunny friends and as they reminisce about their sweet rainbow bridge bun Prince Parker.
We also have a very sweet tribute to a recent rainbow bridge bunny, Rolo, from Helicopter Ears.
You can also win a bunny emergency kit courtesy of Desert Buns R Us
This issue has articles on gardening for your bunny and entertaining your bunny inexpensively.
We also have a collection of Bunny Bedtime Stories, submitted by Bunnyzine readers, which I can personally testify that I have awww’d and squeee’d many times.
So, yes, make sure to get your June issue of Bunnyzine.
The issue that almost wasn’t.

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