BZCast is on the air!

Bunnyzine is now coming to you in a new format: Podcast!

In addition to our magazine publications, we’ve launched BZCast which is available for streaming on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Created and hosted by Randy Hayes, BZCast covers a large variety of topics and guests and we invite you to listen.

Check out our YouTube channel:
and our SoundCloud channel:
and in iTunes:

We are open for advertising on BZCast to help pay for our (soundcloud) costs and also to assist in improving our equipment and upgrading the program quality for our listeners.

We offer in-show ads either announced by the host or premade by you and played during the podcast.

Rates go at $15 for a 30 second ad to a maximum of 2 minutes.
So 30 second ad = $15
60 second ad = $30
90 second ad = $45
120 seconds ad = $60
These rates cover all podcasts recorded in the month.

We strive for at least 1 podcast per month but some month’s may have more. Your ad will get played at least once but if we have multiple casts during the month, your ad will get played in those podcasts at no additional cost (yay, free ads!)

Please contact if you wish to advertise on BZCast