Vol. 1 Tribute 2 – Reggie

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Sweet Reggie. The bunny loved around the world.
And those ears.
Those magnificent ears that we all fall in love with when we see.
This tribute issue is to the life of Reggie Pani.
He was a heart-sweeper. A sweet cuddler. And a certified therapy bunny.
Included in this issue are a series of pictorials on his life and the many, many condolence messages sent into us.

This issue is 100% free.
There are no ads and this is not a pay-what-you-want issue. It’s free.
Because of this, it is not available through the shopping cart, it is available by direct link only.

I really hope you enjoy this issue. Warning: it’s really sad at the end.
Here is the link: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=c1be6cac502c4eea6cc6020d5d7bcf3d