Bunnyzine Vol 1 Issue 11 – Bunnies of Foinz

vol 1 Issue 11 download freeI’m very excited to bring you this month’s issue of Bunnyzine for many, many reasons.
First, Foinz! I selected Foinz’s bunnies as the feature for this month because of his exquisite photography. His pictures are incredible and this issue contains 16 pages to his beautiful bunnies. That’s only a incredibly tiny fraction of what he has on his site at: http://foinzz.tumblr.com/
We are also very happy to have an article about Bunny Mad! Magazine. You are a subscriber, aren’t you? I hope so, and if not, I hope you become one. Be sure to check it out.
I cannot stress enough how much I’ve been waiting for this moment. Earlier in the month, I spoke with the author of Snowball – Chronicles of a wererabbit. I received a copy and loved it so much, I purchased more copies to give to a few book friends I have. I absolutely loved it and you will find out why in this edition.
We also get to take a look at the beautiful bunny foo-foo fighter castle recently built from the Residents of Fairy Castle. It’s beautiful. Any bunny would feel pampered there.
Lastly, I selfishly take a little bit of space to say goodbye to two beloved bunnies I lost in the month of August. One was expected, the other wasn’t. One loved me, the other didn’t. I will miss them both a lot.

Our featured organization is the Tampa Bay House Rabbit Rescue and any pay-what-you-want purchases (minus paypal fees) made in September 2015 will be given to Bibble’s and keep them operating.

We had a lot of fun with this issue. Photoshop spreads, funny faces spreads, and heartwarming updates on Maslow (you may remember him as the street bunny) and a collection of various articles.

All of this is packed into our 38 page issue.

Link to direct download: download now