Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 5 – #notjust4easter

download v2i5The issue is on time! Woohooo!
And it’s fully packed
NotJust4Easter is our main feature
Quebec Rabbit Rescue is our featured rescue
There’s an Easter Photo Contest you can enter hosted by Bunny Burrow (we’ll be publishing the winner)
We’ve got Bunny Yoga.
We’ve got a creative way to use Twitter to help buns get homes
We’ve got a great article on E.C.
We’ve got a book review on The Marquee Sign
Remember the picture of the soldier holding his bunny before going off for 3 months to basic training? We’ve got an interview with him as well

All this and there is STILL more. Come grab your free issue.

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=c9e21f12f41b3ee97da3bf50183bf08c