Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 7 – Bonnie Prince Charlie

download v2i7**warning: I am not responsible for the amount of squee you will receive from this issue. By downloading this issue, you absolve me from squeeicide or financial costs you may incur from the squee addicition you may experience**

May’s issue is out and you will squee your brains out. Some of that squee might be from our featured rabbit, Bonnie Prince Charlie and some might be from the MASSIVE bunny rescue operation by Freedom for Farmed Rabbits.
Mrs Obi has a secret to share with you.
Ears O’fluffin continues his case on the missing willow ball
and we have some lagomorphic basics covered in this issue

Our featured rescue is Tiny Paws Small Animal Rescue whom you may recall as one of the two rescues that helped us out with The Abandoned Family. Let’s show them some support.

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=29cf56c99778afcc77d369cb5b43706c