Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 10 – Love Buns – cc and Gus

download v2i10August’s issue is here and I am loving the variety packed in this one. First, the ADORABLE interview with Love Buns: cc and Gus (seriously, it’s so cute).
We have sections on volunteering, passion projects, pokemon go, wild bunnies, the continuing mystery of Ears O’Fluffin, a cool repurposing of a dresser into a bunny home, an exciting new rabbit mystery subscription box, and the dark side of those giant inflatable rabbits that everyone loves.
We also cover a very important topic that deserves mentioning here as well. Bunnyzine really, truly, needs your help in order to keep going. While we love our nearly 200 regular readers, we are far, far, away from the readership size that attracts advertisers. We really need your help in sharing Bunnyzine with others. Please share this post wherever you are permitted to. We don’t need money. We need readers. It’s free and fast for you to help us. I hope you will see the efforts we put into each issue would hold enough value of a sharing click.

Link to this issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=cd920218f896599175c3435671545f33