Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 11 – Lilo

This issue is a great mixture of art, books, news, and announcements. We talk with Angela Cooper about her book: Bad News Bunny and Friends; their rise to victory and have an article about the RVHD Virus hitting Quebec (a little too close to home for me). We also get the exciting conclusion to Ears O’Fluffin’s current case “The Mystery of the empty treat jar.”
Plus some of my thoughts on euthanasia.
The featured rabbit for this issue is, selfishly, Lilo. I haven’t had my own bunny ever featured and I think Lilo’s earned it…and because of Lilo’s passing, a new pictorial entitled “Cheer me up” is in this issue and is comprised with the squee-ful photos that you have submitted.
Lastly (but not least), Bunnyzine takes a moment to say goodbye to Marshmallow; the beautiful bunny that inspired the book “The Forgotten Rabbit” by Nancy Furstinger.
I hope you enjoy this issue of Bunnyzine 🙂

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=441f3bf8b1ce71c9005abf9e5eb8666d