Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 12 – Peaches

Our Halloween edition is out but it’s not entirely Halloweeny
We do have Bunnywe’en pictorial and a very cool story on Ears O’Fluffin (warning: bring tissues). We also have The Bossy Bunny’s tale on her terrifying choking experience from Suzie herself. Two author interviews for the books ‘Basajaun’ and ‘Fear And Terror Stalk The Museum’. An unboxing of a Rabbit Paradise Subscription Box (which I failed at streaming but still wanted to show you all the cool stuff inside). A cool pictorial/article on Mrs. Obi’s glorious summer vacation, and a little bit of a rant from me (sorry, had to be done…it’s a big pet peeve of mine).

And to be a bit more mobile friendly, we’ve started publishing in single-paged formats.

Link to download: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=0a88fcaea6209d8994552102931b6df8