Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 6 – Easter 2017

Thank you Everyone for being light-spirited with the April Fool’s issue of Bunnyzine 🙂 The REAL April issue has been linked above.

Happy Easter, or not so Happy Easter. To adopt or not to adopt at Easter, one thing is certain….Bunnyzine will not have a featured bunny for April in support of the rescues who are being extra vigilant against impulse adoptions. We will, however,
-present you with a collection of bunny rescue stories
-compare the various approaches to the Easter Adoption issue
-explore whether rescues may have too high standards
-present Austria in our Wonderful World of Rabbits series
-get another review of Snow Island
-begin a new case with Ears O’Fluffin
-and say goodbye to a dear, sweet, well-known, beautiful bunny.
All of this wrapped up in our brand new Easter issue of Bunnyzine

link to April’s REAL issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=ac39d77f74df664aa01ab78da0b17ded

(If you missed the April Fools “Sammy Takes Over” issue, the link for it was here: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=ab24984b9f978c6717c2ad9a2cc7782d