Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 7 – Ezra

WOW! This issue is supersized (over 50 pages)

Featuring the beautifully, big-eared Ezra.
We have 3 pictorials (our “May I?” pictorial plus two event pictorials)

We have 3 articles written for our Rabbits Around The World with this issue focusing on South Africa.

We have a great interview with Big Ears about their recent Vaccination Event and a delightful interview with Glynn Mo, illustrator of the Weird Bunnies comics.

We’ve got rescue stories, we’ve got an interview with someone who recently returned from Rabbit Island, Ears O’Fluffin, and more!

It’s jam-packed and it’s only $50!
Just kidding, it’s FREE 🙂

Link to download issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=da3bbb49294affc933e4afb249f05a5f