Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 11 – Victoria Raechel’s Bunnies – Lola and Bugs

We have so many reasons to celebrate! Our last issue reached over 1400 downloads because of you sharing this post! Let’s see if this issue can beat that! We also received submissions for our biggest pictorial yet and because of your bunny bed pictures, we have OVER 50 pages of the bunny bed pictorial (yes, you definitely put me to work for this issue).

This month, we are feature Lola and Bugs who are two adorable buns that frequently appear in Victoria Raechel’s YouTube videos. Victoria produces videos on small animal care (primarily hamsters and bunnies) and her adorable and appealing videos have earned her a YouTube Silver Play Button Award for reaching over 100 000 subscribers! We are super proud to be featuring her bunnies this issue.

We also have two book reviews Wee Bunny Book and Butters Comes Home), a fantastic article on emotional rabbits, our rabbits around the world series takes us to war-stricken Venezuela (it’s an eye-opener), and an article about how to identify genuine animal care complaints from drama. We also have a special announcement from Ears O’Fluffin, and we have an events section listing some of the events taking place in September. We’ve got poetry from Kansas The Bunny (spoiler: It’s a cute parody of The Beverly Hillbillies) and a comic from Regarding the Secret Life of Rabbits, and the issue concludes with a whopping 50+ page pictorial of BUNNY BEDS!!!! All sent in by you!

I hope you enjoy this issue and let’s keep the reader count rising  We are so close to moving into the next phase (getting advertising revenue and establishing a revenue-to-rescue conduit).

Link to directly download the September issue: