Bunnyzine Vol 5 Issue 4: Benny and Squish

Love, sweet, love.
This very sweet couple Benny and Squishy are just so squee-worthy cute! LOOK at those faces!!! They, along with Charilie, Rosie, Ruby, and Fudgie are part of the House Of Bunny Butts. You have to read the backgrounds of Benny and Squishy. It touched me.

We’ve also got the Valentine Pictorial from photos you sent in and Valentine Colouring Art.

We also have the wrap-up of the latest Ears OFluffin case (The Case of the Evil Blanket). We have this month’s Daisy’s Diary and we also review 5 free rabbit-themed android apps/games.

We hope you enjoy our February issue and I can’t stress enough how important we need your help in growing Bunnyzine. A share goes a very long way.
Hoppy Valentine’s Day
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