Bunnyzine Vol 5 Issue 5 – My Army Bunny Family

Oh my, have we got an interesting mix this month.
First off, I’m VERY pleased to be featuring My Army Bunny Family because Seana is not only an excellent bunny mom but she is heavily active in the rescue community. I think she’s the absolute best, plus, this has to be one of the funniest features I’ve read in a long time. Bluebelle and Henry really steal the show. You have to read it.

There’s also an interesting challenge put forth to BZ readers 🙂 You can read the details inside but essentially, if we can get https://www.facebook.com/crewin402/ up to 300 likes, a very wonderful rescue will be receiving a $500 donation! So pop on over and give them a like and find out the story behind this fundraising idea inside our March issue!

Also, we have an advertiser, Bunny Barn, who has a points-reward system for their store and if you grab this issue and find their ad, you can get 50 points FREE (hint: it’s on page 24) so grab your free points while you can.

We have Ears O’Fluffin beginning a new case and I have to admit, this one has made me the most curious. It’s short but it’s unlike the previous stories and I’m dying to know what happens next (I don’t get special access to knowing the endings :/ )

We have a new, and intricate colouring sheet for you to fill in and send to us to publish in an upcoming issue and we have more of Daisy’s antics in Daisy’s Diary.

We, of course, have our March Bunny Bites and March Madness Pictorial submitted by you so come check it out.

Link to directly downloading the issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=20f167622ab2b88b4bb0485fca04d9af