Bunnyzine Vol 5 Issue 6 – The Artist Edition

Our April Issue is dedicated to 4 fantastic artists that are often known for having rabbits in their art.
Betsy Aschacher
Penny Collins
Diana Moll
Yollie Boag

We also have an Art Edition of a new section called Operation Bunny Opinion run by Henry and Bluebelle from My Army Bunny Family.

Running on the art theme, we also have a submission to our request for artists to draw something involving the BZ logo…we had a beautiful submission from Beatrice Yiu that we’ve added to this issue. We also have colouring art from Yollie that you can feel free to coulour

We also have a beautiful tribute to a bunny named Lucky that is an amazing story.

We also have part 2 to Ears O’Fluffin’s current case: The case of the missing case.


Link to directly download the issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=9aacbce39bcfb744ccc5432628df6a6f