Bunnyzine Vol 5 Issue 7 – Chelsea’s Rabbit Warren

100 page issue! It’s massive. It’s flooded with pictures.
The feature section alone, Chelsea’s Rabbit Warren with 17 bunnies, is nearly 40 pages. 
Pictorials? We have pictorials. SouthEast Bunfest, Easter Bunny Bunanza, and the Blissful Life (Part 1) pictorial (the one so massive from readers submissions we had to divide it into 3 parts!
We’ve got more Art By Yollie including a new design and submissions from last month’s design.

..and through amazing timing…I bring you an Interview with Cynthia Lord, author of Borrowing Bunnies. I also bring you a book review. Both of these were going to wait until June’s issue but the book arrived at my house yesterday and we had time to put them in May’s issue where they belonged


So please enjoy this massive, massive issue (more than double the average size!!)