Bunnyzine Vol 5 Issue 8 – Casey and Sir Hopsalot

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this issue.
Featuring the heart-throbbing Casey and the adorable Sir Hopsalot; I’ll let you decide who is cuter.

We have an incredible article on a website dedicated to reporting abandoned rabbits. I hope when you read it, you will bookmark their site and share it. It deserves our best efforts in getting it known.

We have a story on One Eyed Snuggle Bear, courtesy of Emma Hartshorne from Wonderland Wabbits Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary.

We have Lynne Burger reviewing 10 rabbit-related puzzle and game apps.

We have an article on Chewie, the Bunny Car.

We have an article on the incredible rabbit sculptures, custom (and adorable) bunny hats, and bunny stickers by artist Maja Ferguson.

We have Daisy’s Diary bringing us more of Daisy’s antics.

Ears O’Fluffin continues his case: The Case of the Missing Case.

A new cartoon from Penny Collins’: Regarding The Secret Life Of Rabbits.

Poetry from Kansas The Bunny.

and new colouring art from Yollie (this one is one of my favs).

and definitely not least, our Blissful Life Pictorial Part 2 of 3; the continuing pictorial made up of your wonderful submissions.

We really hope you enjoy this edition of Bunnyzine.

Directly download June’s issue here: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=eaadbcc25c623b00e20d5703ee35ce05