Bunnyzine Vol 5 Issue 9 – Nate’s Hexadic Fluffle

Our July issue is here, and with it, we celebrate a NEW milestone!! We have completed our first Bunnyzine Cycle (that’s what I’m calling our reader-to-advertiser-to-rescue-to-reader cycle until I can come up with a better name )
Bunnyzine donated $200 to Suncoast House Rabbit Rescue to help out two little boy buns who were part of a larger rescue operation and, in this issue, we are bringing their story to you. I am particularly proud of this story because these boy buns received some financial help simply because you read Bunnyzine  That was our dream, and the dream has started.

We are happy to bring you our feature: Nate’s Hexadic Fluffle!
6 gorgeous buns who are lucky enough to find a forever home with a man who builds bunny playsets!! How happy these buns must be.

We also have par 2 of our Abandon Rabbits article and we have an interview with Linnaine Hubbard, illustrator of Sushi Buns (her illustrations are squee-worthy  )

Ears O’Fluffin continues his current case: The case of the missing case.

We have a new colouring page from Art By Yollie.

And we have the last part of our 3-part Blissful Life pictorial which ran from May until now because of your generous amount of submissions! I hope you enjoy our July issue 

Directly download July’s issue here: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=26c50a8e15c90b1c6df12a15cbe7b26d