Bunnyzine Vol 4 Issue 5 – Lorello

March’s Issue is here and this month we feature the beautiful Lorello who is not only absolutely adorable but has a thousand facial expressions. We also cover the Las Vegas tragedy, the NotJust4Easter 2018 campaign, the invention of Penelopads, a small bunny binky pictorial, an absolute MUST-READ story of a truck crash with two bunnies inside, and last but absolutely not least, a heart-warming story of a community of rabbit-lovers in Winnipeg that banded together to help a man and his bunny get out of the cold and into a home. You cannot miss out on this issue! It’s fantastic!

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Bunnyzine Vol 4 Issue 4 – Mango and Finn

Hoppy Valenbun’s Month!!!!
This month, we feature Mango and Finn as our Valentine’s couple and we have a huge Valentine’s pictorial made up from pictures submitted by you.
We also have a few tributes for Cooper and Betsy.
We have TWO Rabbits Around The World Articles and more…

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Bunnyzine Vol 4 Issue 3 – Caleb Wadman and the Wildfire Rabbit

Caleb Wadman! That’s right! Our wildfire-bunny-saving-hero is with us along with California Wildlife Center who is currently caring for the bunny so be sure to grab this issue for his interview with us, as well as, some tribute poetry for Caleb from BunBun Rwa! 🙂

We have an amazing plot-twist: Caleb is going to be joining me on January 4th to do a live stream where you can ask your questions or give your comments to Caleb LIVE 🙂 (we will be using previously submitted questions and comments during the live stream). Stay tuned to this page to find out exactly when and where you can catch the January 4th’s live stream with Caleb!

Also in this issue, Our Rabbits Around The World takes us to Norway. Our newest installment of The Emotional Rabbit tells the tale of a pregnant rescue mom, Heidi. We have a pictorial of Kansas the Bunny’s Car collection. Bunny’s New Years Resolution. Our new Bunny Bites section.

And one tribute that is very dear to my heart. Seana’s bunny Lily was dying. Seana needed to get permission from work to leave, fly home, and try to make it to Lily on time. Did she? Find out as we talk with Seana about Lily and see Seana’s memorial letter to Lily. We also added a pictorial because, well, Lily’s really special (and beautiful). Our hearts go with Seana.

As always, the issue is free to download.


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Bunnyzine Vol 4 Issue 2 – Gizmo And Ebony

Holidays are here again! Time for shopping, Christmas lights, and extra bunny cuddles.
Our super-sized issue reaches a whopping 88 pages and is incredibly full of content.
Here’s a summary of what this issue holds:
-Featured Bunnies – Gizmo and Ebony
-Book reviews on: Mister’s Garden, Be Safe, Tiffo And The Magic Carrot, and A Little Book of Bunny Poems
-A 17-page Christmas Pictorial
-A 24-page Christmas Gift List
-Articles: Rabbits Around The World – Philippines, Raising Fudgie from The Emotional Rabbit series, and How two little 4-pound bunnies saved my life
-Fan Art
– A colouring page with images from Wee Bunny Book
– Ears O’Fluffin excerpts
-and a beautiful poem entitled “Christmas At The Rainbow Bridge” penned by Mark Ehlers

I could get descriptive with each of these sections but I’d rather you read the issue than have a super long facebook post. So download now. As usual, it’s free so please download and share.

Direct download link: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=cc9592de9964227d263e725fd9164024

Bunnyzine Vol 4 Issue 1 – Mr. Bigglesworth

Happy Birthday to us! Bunnyzine turns 3!!!!
November 1st, 2014 we launched our first issue.

3 years later, we present to you as our featured rabbit, the amazing internet sensation, MR. BIGGLESWORTH! Check out our interview about him with pictures and even links to his fb page, website, and shop.

We also have an amazing interview and pictures of Miracle, a bunny who saved a couple from a burning home while Miracle was trapped inside for 2 hours and survived!

The issue also has the beautiful rescue story of Finley, an article on the Ontario Canada Rabbits Facebook group, Fan art, A review on the new Ears O’Fluffin book, Part 2 of our Australia article in the Rabbits Around The World series, coverage on the HRS Educational Conference, an article on pregnant rabbits, and two pictorials: Midwest Bunfest and the VRRA Rabbit Fest.

All of this is crammed into a large issue celebrating the start of our 4th year! We are very pleased to have brought you 3 years of Bunnyzine and we have some great things coming up for the 4th year. We love having you as our reader.

Direct link to November’s issue:

Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 12 – Oreo and Flopsi

Oh dear, oh dear! I remember the days when Bunnyzine was about 30 pages long. Here is your 80-page Halloween issue that is completely PACKED with a whole bunch of things both related and non-related to Hallowe’en.

I’m SUPER pleased that Gretta Parker’s bunnies, Oreo and Flopsi, are featured in this issue AND since Gretta is the master of Hallowe’en, we snuck in a pictorial of Gretta’s Halloween’s across the years! But that’s not all….we have Halloween Movie/Book reviews, Halloween Bunwe’en Art pictorial and a Hallowe’en pictorial from your submissions!

But not everything revolves around Hallowe’en, and so we’ve included a pictorial of the San Diego Bunnyfest, articles on Hormonal Bunnies (part of The Emotional Rabbit series), Hurricane Irma evacuation, disaster preparation, an excerpt from Ears O’Fluffin, an interview on Rabbit Agility, Rabbits Around The World series coming from Australia, and some upcoming events for October!

This is an incredibly bundled package just waiting for you to click.

Link to directly download the October issue:

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Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 11 – Victoria Raechel’s Bunnies – Lola and Bugs

We have so many reasons to celebrate! Our last issue reached over 1400 downloads because of you sharing this post! Let’s see if this issue can beat that! We also received submissions for our biggest pictorial yet and because of your bunny bed pictures, we have OVER 50 pages of the bunny bed pictorial (yes, you definitely put me to work for this issue).

This month, we are feature Lola and Bugs who are two adorable buns that frequently appear in Victoria Raechel’s YouTube videos. Victoria produces videos on small animal care (primarily hamsters and bunnies) and her adorable and appealing videos have earned her a YouTube Silver Play Button Award for reaching over 100 000 subscribers! We are super proud to be featuring her bunnies this issue.

We also have two book reviews Wee Bunny Book and Butters Comes Home), a fantastic article on emotional rabbits, our rabbits around the world series takes us to war-stricken Venezuela (it’s an eye-opener), and an article about how to identify genuine animal care complaints from drama. We also have a special announcement from Ears O’Fluffin, and we have an events section listing some of the events taking place in September. We’ve got poetry from Kansas The Bunny (spoiler: It’s a cute parody of The Beverly Hillbillies) and a comic from Regarding the Secret Life of Rabbits, and the issue concludes with a whopping 50+ page pictorial of BUNNY BEDS!!!! All sent in by you!

I hope you enjoy this issue and let’s keep the reader count rising  We are so close to moving into the next phase (getting advertising revenue and establishing a revenue-to-rescue conduit).

Link to directly download the September issue:


Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 10 – Tales Of Two Rabbits – Fonzy And Sherlock

Our August issue is here and with it is Fonzy and Sherlock from Tales Of Two Rabbits.

This 82-page issue is PACKED with
-pictures of our featured bunnies,
-a Georgia House Rabbit Society Bunnyfest pictorial,
-custom-built bunny apartments that’s been gaining a lot of internet attention.
-Rabbits Around The World taking us to Singapore,
-Flying the rabbit-friendly skies,
– a beautiful story on the life of a sweet bun named Oscar,
-the conclusion to the current Ears O’Fluffin case
-and three binky free sentiments to our dear friends Walter, Tank, and Dynomite.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Bunnyzine and remember to share. It helps us grow.
Direct download link to June’s issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=6318ed2ec4604af36537ec4732ae89ec

Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 9 – Lucy

WOW! This issue is jam-packed. 56 pages of content and pictures. We’ve got Lucy featured whom I fell in love with the moment I saw Emily Chang post a picture of. We have a few different rescue stories: one from a bunny’s perspective, one where a rescuerescues back, one of the rescue and recovery of Eaton, and one of … a car??.
We progress further into the Ears O’Fluffin case of the compulsive chewer and we a recalling of an encounter with a jackalope. We also have Iraq featured in our Wonderful World of Rabbits from Tarza Taimur.
 And lastly, and definitely sadly, we end our issue saying goodbye to Frances. An abandoned bunny whose health rapidly declined from the perils of abandonment. Rescued within a handful of hours that were left of her sweet little life.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Bunnyzine and remember to share. It helps us grow.
Direct download link to July’s issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=4450273e35158301fb6a2ee34ddf40c8

Bunnyzine Vol 3 Issue 8 – Ollie with Shoe0nHead

June Issue with Ollie and Shoe0nHead I am super excited about June’s issue. This issue, we proudly bring you Ollie and June Lapine, known as ShoeOnHead on YouTube. With over 700,000 subscribers, June has made an incredible success of herself and she hasn’t forgotten to take Ollie with her as he makes adorable appearances in her videos. I thank June immensely for taking the time to do an interview and share pictures of Ollie with us.
This issue also contains an important plea from PetSave who is shutting their doors very soon and needs homes for bunnies really quick. Our Wonderful World Of Rabbits section takes us over to Japan with some insight by Clara Tan. We have an article on bunny trust and a very bittersweet tribute to Mila, a wild rabbit whom was hit by a car and was brought to Erin Urano. We have an update on the current Ears O’Fluffin case and we also have two pictorials; one for Southeast Bunfest and another one for Father’s Day submitted by you.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Bunnyzine and remember to share. It helps us grow.
Direct download link to June’s issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=635c135b3904296fcb0757f3c45c0057