Bunnyzine Vol 5 Issue 11 – Marble

Hey Everyone, September’s issue is here and we’ve got a mixture of things packed into this one.

Our feature rabbit is a bit of a rescue story of Marble (later named Boonato) whom was in really bad shape (bad enough for BZ to censor much of his initial picture) but whom is doing very well now.

We also have an article on the rescue A Home For Everybunny

We announce the winners of the Wee Bunny Book (audiobook) that were drawn randomly in August.

We have Art By Yollie.

We have a pictorial of Adventurous Bunnies chosen from pictures sent in by readers.

We have a cautionary tale about travelling with bunnies

And a lot of our regular content with Re: The Secret Life Of Rabbits (Binky free, Sammy, Lance and Russette), Poetry of Kansas, and Daisy’s Diary.

All of this awaits you in our free, direct download of September’s Bunnyzine!  Enjoy.


**Directly download the issue here:http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=0c81b11b500cbe3a91fa4c37138025f4 **