What is Bunnyzine?
Bunnyzine is a monthly digital (PDF) magazine that focuses on positive, bunny-related things.
The main feature for each issue is on a particular bunny (or bunnies).
After that, it will be a mixture of various events, stories, products, and community-fuelled features.

How much is it?
It’s free.
But we do offer a pay-what-you-want feature which lets you choose how much you want to pay for the issue.  This is primarily used as a fundraiser for a rabbit rescue, shelter, or sanctuary.  Running one of these rabbit-helping organizations is already a tough job in itself and adding the task of fundraising on top of the work makes it difficult.  Bunnyzine hopes to give these places a little bit of breathing room by helping them financially.

What will the rescue use the money on?
Whatever they want.  We hope they will use it directly on the bunnies but ultimately it is up to them what they want.  Pay electricity bills, food, medical expenses, pens, toys, or keep it in the bank for a rainy day.  There are no restrictions placed by Bunnyzine as to how they use the money and so if you have a specific expectation for money you donate, you may want to consider donating to them directly with your spending requests.  You can still get Bunnyzine free.

Why can’t we just donate straight to the rabbit rescue? 
You can, and it’s truthfully a little bit better if you do for several reasons:
1)Peace of mind:  you know the money will go directly to the rescue and not first going through Bunnyzine
2)More money: by donating directly, paypal will only put a service fee on 1 transaction (your transfer to them) instead of 2 transactions (you transfer to Bunnyzine. Bunnyzine transfers to them.)
3) Some rescues can offer tax receipts.  Bunnyzine cannot.  If this is an important factor, please donate directly to them.

.  The reason we can’t facilitate that on our site is because we wanted a framework that would allow us to add incentives (such as the bonus Special Edition of Bunnyzine) to those who pay for the issue.  We can’t tell who paid money for the issue if it is given directly to the rescue.  We could ask the rescue but then it becomes a bit of an obstacle contacting them, getting the info, sorting it out, and sending people their bonus magazine.  It’s far easier (and automatic) to just do it from inside Bunnyzine.   Plus, it helps Bunnyzine to know how much we have raised for different rescues.  Yes, there is the slight possibility of PayPal dinging service fees twice (you to us and us to the rescue) but the amount is so small that the rescues won’t miss it.  They’ll be happy to keep a large bulk of what was raised.

How do we know the rescue will receive the money?
Well, I’m hoping for the rescues help on that one.  A little public announcement from them when they receive it would help but they are under no obligation to do that.   The best I can say is that if Bunnyzine didn’t give the pay-what-you-want money to the rescue then Bunnyzine wouldn’t last very long and I’ve put too much hard work into it to do that.  Also, if you are genuinely concerned about it, then I recommend donating directly to the rescue.
Does Bunnyzine keep any of the pay-what-you-want money?
No.  Not if it is advertised for a particular rescue.
If, for some future reason, Bunnyzine needs to raise money for itself, it will be upfront about it.

Will rescues receive money for the magazine if I buy an issue after the month that the rescue was featured in?
Unfortunately not.  I put a lot of thought into this and came to the conclusion that I anticipate 6 months from now, our readership will be bigger than during the 1st issue.  This means that if people discover Bunnyzine later on down the road and want to pay for issues from the past, I will be spending a lot of time sorting out which issue they bought, how much they paid, how much to give the the rescue, and so on.
Instead, I am implementing an archival system.  When an issue is past it’s month, it will get taken out of the shopping cart option and placed in an archive.  When people want that issue, they can go to the archive and download it directly (no checkout process).  Whenever possible, a link to that rescue’s donation page will be listed so people can donate directly if they wish.  I feel this is a fair compromise that still lets readers get the magazine, donate if they wish, and save me time from sorting out finances of past issues.
How do you make money?
Advertising in the digital magazine and online.

Bunnyzine is just launching so, currently, ads are given out for free.  This is because we have no idea what the exact number of readers are going to be and I would feel horrible about charging someone money to find out that only 10 people read the magazine.   We will use November’s issue to help determine ad rates.  We want to keep it as low as possible so that people who have an online shop that sell things casually can afford to advertise.   Bunnyzine will not make me a millionaire but if it pays the bills, I’m good with that.

How big is the Bunnyzine staff?
1 person and a lot of VERY wonderful support.
My name is Dustin Campbell and I am currently the sole person creating the magazine, website, managing the fb page, and so on.
And even though, I started this alone.  I’m not alone.  Some wonderful people have stepped forward with offers for article writing, promotion, and more.  They are doing this out of their own hearts at the moment.   I would love Bunnyzine to grow large enough to pay people for content, cartoons, designs (I really need a graphic designer), marketing but I am taking this one step at a time and seeing if there is enough interest from readers and advertisers to make this possible.

Is Bunnyzine a charity or not-for-profit?

No.  Bunnyzine intends to make money from advertisers.
It’s possible that we may offer other things such as special edition issues, collector items, etc for you to buy but it will never be under the guise of a rescue and you will always know where your money is going.