Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 12 – Peaches

Our Halloween edition is out but it’s not entirely Halloweeny
We do have Bunnywe’en pictorial and a very cool story on Ears O’Fluffin (warning: bring tissues). We also have The Bossy Bunny’s tale on her terrifying choking experience from Suzie herself. Two author interviews for the books ‘Basajaun’ and ‘Fear And Terror Stalk The Museum’. An unboxing of a Rabbit Paradise Subscription Box (which I failed at streaming but still wanted to show you all the cool stuff inside). A cool pictorial/article on Mrs. Obi’s glorious summer vacation, and a little bit of a rant from me (sorry, had to be done…it’s a big pet peeve of mine).

And to be a bit more mobile friendly, we’ve started publishing in single-paged formats.

Link to download: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=0a88fcaea6209d8994552102931b6df8

Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 11 – Lilo

This issue is a great mixture of art, books, news, and announcements. We talk with Angela Cooper about her book: Bad News Bunny and Friends; their rise to victory and have an article about the RVHD Virus hitting Quebec (a little too close to home for me). We also get the exciting conclusion to Ears O’Fluffin’s current case “The Mystery of the empty treat jar.”
Plus some of my thoughts on euthanasia.
The featured rabbit for this issue is, selfishly, Lilo. I haven’t had my own bunny ever featured and I think Lilo’s earned it…and because of Lilo’s passing, a new pictorial entitled “Cheer me up” is in this issue and is comprised with the squee-ful photos that you have submitted.
Lastly (but not least), Bunnyzine takes a moment to say goodbye to Marshmallow; the beautiful bunny that inspired the book “The Forgotten Rabbit” by Nancy Furstinger.
I hope you enjoy this issue of Bunnyzine 🙂

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=441f3bf8b1ce71c9005abf9e5eb8666d

Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 10 – Love Buns – cc and Gus

download v2i10August’s issue is here and I am loving the variety packed in this one. First, the ADORABLE interview with Love Buns: cc and Gus (seriously, it’s so cute).
We have sections on volunteering, passion projects, pokemon go, wild bunnies, the continuing mystery of Ears O’Fluffin, a cool repurposing of a dresser into a bunny home, an exciting new rabbit mystery subscription box, and the dark side of those giant inflatable rabbits that everyone loves.
We also cover a very important topic that deserves mentioning here as well. Bunnyzine really, truly, needs your help in order to keep going. While we love our nearly 200 regular readers, we are far, far, away from the readership size that attracts advertisers. We really need your help in sharing Bunnyzine with others. Please share this post wherever you are permitted to. We don’t need money. We need readers. It’s free and fast for you to help us. I hope you will see the efforts we put into each issue would hold enough value of a sharing click.

Link to this issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=cd920218f896599175c3435671545f33


Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 9 – Dimitri

download v2i9Hey everyone! It’s here! It’s here! And it’s got a lot of content.
We have a new mystery started for Ears OFluffin
We have our featured bunny, a beautiful splay-legged sweetie named Dimitri.
We get introduced to the rescue Hope For Buns
And we’ve got reviews:
a book review on “when only the love remains” (perfect for anyone grieving)
a restaurant review on The Growling Rabbit
and a rabbit-themed card game called “Bad Bunnies” is reviewed
We also have some information on the Ridgetown Rabbit Roundup rescue operation
And some exciting treats I look forward to trying called Nutrinoms
We also take a moment to say goodbye to bunnies we’ve lost in the harsh month of June and a bittersweet introduction to a bunny who is lucky enough to be in the care of Ocean’s parents.
It’s definitely a packed issue. And it’s free.
Just a reminder that we have ended donation collections for a monthly featured rescue. We are focusing our efforts on gaining more readers so that we can get advertisers and use their money to fund rescues. This means it’s incredibly important to us that you download this issue and share the link with others.
Thanks for being a Bunnyzine Reader 🙂

Link to free issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=06d0b18288b5e21fdd8acd4a1912b434

Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 8 – Make Me Hoppy

download v2i8
Imagine a bunny-lover’s nightmare come true. Being on vacation to hear the news that your town is on fire. Even worse, the person looking after your bunny is at work and because of a forced evacuation, they cannot get to your home to save your bunny. Even if you were to leave your vacation, they won’t let you into your home. What do you do?
This was a reality for a resident of Fort McMurray that was engulfed in flames last month. We had a chance to speak with them about the event, and how against all odds, her bunny was saved. Find out all about it in our June issue!

This issue is fantastic. It ranges from the breathtaking artwork of David Joaquin to an ongoing large rescue. We get visit from Mrs Obi who shares with us a recipe from bunnyapproved.com. It’s also the 1-year anniversary for BZCast.
Also, we finally get the answer to Ears O’Fluffin’s case of the missing willow ball along with some Birthday Bunny Cuddles sent in by you for my birthday in May 🙂
This month we feature three beautiful bunnies from Make Me Hoppy and we are having our last featured rescue fundraiser for Bunnies United Network, so let’s make this a great one 🙂

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=848f16923035f7cbe9572b50588a1924

Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 7 – Bonnie Prince Charlie

download v2i7**warning: I am not responsible for the amount of squee you will receive from this issue. By downloading this issue, you absolve me from squeeicide or financial costs you may incur from the squee addicition you may experience**

May’s issue is out and you will squee your brains out. Some of that squee might be from our featured rabbit, Bonnie Prince Charlie and some might be from the MASSIVE bunny rescue operation by Freedom for Farmed Rabbits.
Mrs Obi has a secret to share with you.
Ears O’fluffin continues his case on the missing willow ball
and we have some lagomorphic basics covered in this issue

Our featured rescue is Tiny Paws Small Animal Rescue whom you may recall as one of the two rescues that helped us out with The Abandoned Family. Let’s show them some support.

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=29cf56c99778afcc77d369cb5b43706c

Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 6 – Frederik

download v2i6
Brand new issue featuring Frederik!!!!!
Our featured rescue is Guelph Rat Save whom has helped us by taking on TEN of the Thirteen bunnies from The Abandoned Family.

This issue has a LOT of content, including a surprising update that I learned about The Abandoned Family (I managed to obtain some information from someone who knew the person that abandoned them, the update is in the Featured Rescue section).

We have a new host, Mrs Obi, look for her in her own Foodie’s corner section (more on her later)

We have an exclusive story unfolding before us featuring Ears O’Fluffin, Private Rabbit Investigator who begins his first case to help find the answer to the disappearance of the willow ball

We have an announcement article from Big Ears Sanctuary

And want to know who won the Bunny Burrow Easter Contest? The winner is inside this edition.

We have reviews on: Books one (Snowball) AND two (Snow Bunny) in the Chronicles of a Wererabbit series, as well as reviews on Zootopia, and Bunnicula

Plus we take a closer look at Chip, the bunny who inspired the logo for Bandaids for bunnies.

And don’t forget that Small Critter And Rabbit Enrichment Toys is offering a double value deal (up to $100): Buy products for Guelph Rat Save and the value of your order doubles, giving Guelph Rat Save TWICE the gifts.

This is an issue worth grabbing, so click the link at the top of this post to get your issue today (it’s free).

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=2275d0f40ae1ea9997eb3933c955439a

Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 5 – #notjust4easter

download v2i5The issue is on time! Woohooo!
And it’s fully packed
NotJust4Easter is our main feature
Quebec Rabbit Rescue is our featured rescue
There’s an Easter Photo Contest you can enter hosted by Bunny Burrow (we’ll be publishing the winner)
We’ve got Bunny Yoga.
We’ve got a creative way to use Twitter to help buns get homes
We’ve got a great article on E.C.
We’ve got a book review on The Marquee Sign
Remember the picture of the soldier holding his bunny before going off for 3 months to basic training? We’ve got an interview with him as well

All this and there is STILL more. Come grab your free issue.

Link to issue: http://bunnyzine.com/free-issue.php?c=c9e21f12f41b3ee97da3bf50183bf08c

Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 4 – Tiffo and Chany

download_v2I4Love is in the air and we are delighted to bring you another Valentine’s couple. This year, we have Tiffo and Chany. This adorable couple has given us the cutest interview accompanied with some very gorgeous pictures.

This issue also has:
a touching story about a wild bunny by Chantal Garganeau
an interview with Gretta Parker discussing her new book The Marquee Sign
an interview with Helen Hu and her idea on opening the first bunny cafe in Australia
an announcement by Aylcia Cardiff on this year’s #NotJust4Easter campaign
a plea to help find a home for The Abandoned Family
and a beautiful pictorial of bonded bunnies in love sent in by readers.

Our featured rescue is the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society.

If you want to donate to Las Vegas House Rabbit Society, you can donate between February 1st to February 29th (money contributed after this time frame will stay with Bunnyzine) you can click this link to donate to Las Vegas House Rabbit Society.

This 42 page Valentine’s issue is available to you for free!

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Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 3 – Ms Bunz

download v3I3

Happy New Year!  We are kicking off 2016 with the beautiful Ms. Bunz.


Our featured rescue is the Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue.

If you want to donate to Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, you can donate between January 1st to January 31st, 2016 (money contributed after this time frame will stay with Bunnyzine) you can click this link to donate to Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue.

This 32 page New Years issue is available to you for free!

This is a digital PDF file. Please ensure that you have software that reads PDFs before ordering.

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Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 2 – The Rabbitgang

download v2i3Merry Christmas!  We are celebrating this season with The Rabbitgang

Our featured cause is Teddy’s Tooth Troubles.

If you want to donate to Teddy’s Tooth Troubles, you can donate between December 1st to December 31st, 2016 (money contributed after this time frame will stay with Bunnyzine) you can click this link to donate to Teddy’s Tooth Troubles.

This 50 page Holiday issue is available to you for free!

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Bunnyzine Vol 2 Issue 1 – Dolly, the disabled bunny

v2i1 download nowHoppy Birthday to Bunnyzine!  This issue commemorates the first issue launched exactly one year ago.   We are very happy to have carried this far and we hope to continue to bring you more fantastic issues of Bunnyzine.

This issue is dedicated to to all those beautiful buns that may be different for being disabled but they are no less loved and no less happy.   We stand behind the phrase “Different is beautiful” and headlining this theme is none other than Dolly, the disabled bunny.   She might have binkied to the bridge but she is forever loved and remembered. She’s also the first Canadian bunny we’ve featured in Bunnyzine (which is a bit weird since I am Canadian :P)   and our featured rescue, Hoppy Homes Rescue, is the rescue that helped Dolly find her forever home.

Also in this issue is a collection of articles from various people who have disabled buns.  They share their stories and their care tips with us.  We also have the next set of fb bun pages that we hope you will become followers of.

If you want to donate to Hoppy Home Rescue, you can donate between November 1st to November 30th (money after this time frame will stay with Bunnyzine) you can click this link to donate to Hoppy Homes Rescue

This 42 page Halloween edition is available to you for free! FREE! FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!

This is a digital PDF file.  Please ensure that you have software that reads PDFs before ordering.

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